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  • Data usage

Boutique Pépin will never five your personnal informations such as email adress or name to anyone without your permission.  Retailers, distributors or any kind of entreprise who want to make publicity will never have access to those informations.  Your personnal informations are kept in our system to offer the best service possible.  If you want to delete your infos from our system you can call us and we will erase them

  • Shipping fees

Shipping fees are not included in the price shown on the website, those fee will be added at the end of your order when you are ready to pay.  The order will be shipped at the address you wrote so it is capital that your make sure it’s the right one.  We are not responsible for lost items if the address is incorrectly captured.

  • Tax

As for the shipping fees, the taxes are added at the end of the order for all the items ont the website.  The taxes are calculated with the address of shipping.Les prix affichés sur le site internet sont tous sans taxe et ce pour tous les articles présents sur la boutique en ligne.  

  • Payment

The only method of payement accepted is by credit card.

NO OTHER method is available for now.

Gift card can only be used in store.

  • Users

To pass an order, everybody will have to create a username and a password.  The account can be used on internet or in store.  It’s your responsibility to never tell your password to anyone.

  • Disponibilité des produits

You can only order a product if we have it in store.  We use this way to avoid the long delay between the time you order and the time you receive the items.  If you’d like to order a product even though we don’t have it in stock but you want it regardless of the delay, contact us and it will be our pleasure to help you.

If the products is not available even to the supplier, the order will be void immediately and you will be refund.


  • Shipping

Ordes in wich the products are available in store are shipped within 1 or 2 day after the invoice is paid. Delay may happen in rare exceptions; if it is the case we will contact you as soon as possible to keep you informed of the situation.

  • Differences between the picture and the title

If the picture doesn’t match the title, it’s important to note that you always have to refer to the title.  So for every color, size, quantity your order, we will ship what is written in the title not the picture.